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Fuel is a modular set of COM components and programs for automating the build of various Win32 development environments. It is licenced under the LGPL

The current version (0.3) supports Visual C++ 6, Visual Basic 6, Visual Sourcesafe 6.0, InstallShield 5.5, the WinHelp compiler and the Microsoft HTML Help compiler. You can download it here and look at the source code

I've written a description of the architecture

All the hosting is provided on sourceforge here, including the mailing lists, fuel-announce, fuel-users and fuel-devel

Using Fuel

There are 2 ways of using the Fuel components:

  • The canned configuration and UI
  • Using the components as COM components tied together by scripting in Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript etc
  • Configuration UIs

    Using these programs you can add builds and configure them using a property page.

  • Choose the Configuration provider - this determines what format your configuration information will be stored in, e.g. database, xml
  • Set the properties of the Configuration provider - e.g. tell the xml provider the name of the xml file that you want to use
  • On ConfigUI3, you can now use the right mouse button menu to add, remove and configure builds and loggers. On ConfigUI, there are buttons to do the same tasks

  • Individual Components

    There are 2 sets of objects used here - Builders and Loggers. Builders (eg VisualCBuild, VB6Build) implement the IBuild interface plus some other properties specific to the Builder.

    Loggers (eg TextLogger, HTMLLogger) implement the ILogger interface plus other properties.